Ya Tou

short, fiction, 26’39”

✿ Best Women Short: Independent Shorts Awards 2018

✿ Official Selection: South Europe International Film Festival 2018 – Valencia Edition

✿ Official Selection: Webisode Film Festival 2018

Sifan made a sudden decision to get a divorce after years of monotonous marriage. The fight for her daughter’s custody exhausts her, but it is not the only fight she has to make.


Xue Qing as Mother

Wu Niandi as Male Colleague

Li Yingwei as Father

Zhou Haixiang as Daughter


Writer&Director: Shawn S.X. ZOU

Producer: Luna Yuan

Director of Photography: Proof Mingsheng Xu

Production Designer: Yang Liu

Sound Recordist: Liang Bill

Assistant Producer: Zhan Qiao

Gaffer: Xie Qi & Cai Shuanglong Lucien

Script Supervisor: Cheung Jaylee

Production Design Assistant: Zhang Mengnan

Assistant Sound Recordist: Lan Hao Andrew

Camera Assistant: Zhang Longshan

Editor: Shawn S.X. ZOU

Sound Design: Adriana Espinal Ortiz

Colorist: Xu Yekai


Supported by

Hong Kong Baptist University Strategic Development Fund