Shawn Shaoxuan Zou is a London-based Chinese writer-director. He also works professionally as a script supervisor for film&tv, and as a visual researcher for treatments.

He graduated in MA from London Film School in 2022. He also holds a BA with First Honours in Film and Media Art at Hong Kong Baptist University. He has written&directed more than two dozens of short films over the years, spanning from fictional drama, experimental, music video, art installation to documentary. Some of them have been screened at international festivals such as South Europe Int’l Film Festival, Webisode Film Festival and Independent Shorts Award.

He naturally inclines to stories that deal with family, or the lack of it. Literature is a great source of inspiration for him. In his works, he also pays tribute to film directors such as Yasujiro Ozu, Hirokazu Koreeda and Abbas Kiarostami.

He is currently taking freelance works as a script supervisor and visual researcher while developing his own works. He has a fictional short already in pre-production that probes into a lesbian couple’s 20-year marriage  muddled by a youthful pursuer. He has also written a feature sets amidst AIDS panic in 70s rural China.